More people are searching from mobile devices every day. In fact about 60% of all internet searches are taking place on smartphones and tablets. This way of internet searching is so important that Google recently announced the update to their algorithm on April 21, 2015 is going to benefit websites that are already optimized for mobile searches. For those sites that haven’t built a mobile-friendly or responsive design into their website, they may be soon seeing a large drop in their online traffic from Google search results.

As people depend on mobile devices more and more to organize tasks, accomplish daily work, and do quick searches on the run it’s imperative that your website is designed to accommodate the smaller sized screens. Internet users want to easily navigate your site to find the information they need, and picky searchers will abandon sites that are too difficult to navigate on mobile devices. If your websites don’t include a design that caters to mobile platforms now is the time to get them ready.

Optimize Mobile Websites For The End User

When optimizing design for mobile websites it’s important to consider the end user at every point. Think about why people visit your site and create your mobile-friendly design to help them find exactly what they’re searching for while also guiding them toward what you want them to do next.

Remember that mobile websites appear on smaller screens like those found on smartphones. Click through buttons should be easy to find and well-spaced so they’re easy to tap with your finger on a touchscreen. Make sure to use big, easy-to-see fonts that users can read on smaller phone screens. Keep in mind that Flash doesn’t work on many mobile devices, and slow load times will result in users abandoning your page.

To find out if your site is mobile friendly test your site on your mobile devices or use Google’s Mobile Usability Report located in your Google webmaster toolbox. Once you have an assessment, you’ll have an idea of where to begin streamlining your website so the end user can get the most from your site even while on the go.

Mobile Websites Are Here To Stay

Google’s algorithm change indicates that more and more people are using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets to search the internet. Keeping your website innovative with intuitive mobile design will attract visitors and better search results.  Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update takes affect on April 21, 2015.